Digital Management

Digital Strategy

The digital landscape is a massive network of interconnected platforms and audiences, where identifying your ideal communications and building an active audience doesn't happen overnight. From websites to ads, content to media coverage, I'll get to work on the areas that I'm the expert in - so that you can focus on your business. 

Use my extensive, detailed and data-based assessment process that's ideal for companies looking to expand on existing strategy, improve systems, independently audit their data or simply dive deeply into their digital marketing. An unbiased, factual analysis of what's working, what's missing and what to do next. 

Google Ads

Whatever you want to call it - if you're paying to put your ads in the search network it's pay-per-click. As a Google Ads Partner, I can help you reach customers as they're looking for your product or services online. Drive traffic and convert to sales on your site. 

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At its heart SEO is all about delivering the best Search Request > Best Search Return experience for a user. A balance of technical accessibility, content relevance and authority that give the user the best possible experience when they enter a search request. 

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Analytics & Data

First and foremost, if your website doesn't have an analytics account - you're missing out on the data you need to make informed decisions about your business. What you think about your audience and what you can know are two vastly different and divergent things.

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Content Marketing

One of the few times that traffic is a great thing is on a website. With proper effort and planning, content SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy that produces organic traffic, customer engagement and converts to sales.   

Social Media

The best way to engage with your audience, promote your business and reach new or existing client. Whether starting something new or just needing a boost, we'll talk platforms, content, hashtags and advertising spend.

Website Design

For many businesses, their website is the engine - information, contact info, communication, ecommerce sales and the central place where you engage with your customers. Make it work hard, and make it work smart. 

It’s rare that you come across a talent with expertise across so many different areas of digital marketing – Adwords, SEO, data and analytics. I had the opportunity to work with Jo on a small Adwords consulting project in which she managed to deliver way more than I had expected.
I was particularly impressed by the range and depth of her knowledge. Not only is an expert in digital marketing, but also very personable, which always makes for a pleasant interaction. As a team member or a consultant, Jo earns my highest recommendation!
— Nandita Narayan, Brighter Spaces - Head of Marketing

My work straddles the divide between brand strategy, development, analytics, research and content marketing. Always a diagonal thinker, always reading and working to better understand how our daily lives are being changed by technology and information.

A bit of a polymath, I like to keep my projects varied - working with agencies as a consult, working for clients as a resources, and offering my expertise to not only help companies grow, but support them with knowledge and training.

Drop me a line and let’s see what we can do together!

Through her extensive subject matter knowledge, we’re able to trust Joanne for everything from key strategic direction to building and executing campaigns with us. She’s brought a wealth of information and shared frequently with us, helping to improve our clients’ results and our team’s expertise.
— Jonathan Horvatin, Charity Electric Account Director
Jo is one of the most analytical and multifaceted individuals we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has the ability to get a handle on pretty much any industry almost immediately and, perhaps most importantly, has generated ROI for our clients.
— Luke Taylor, Loomo COO + Founding Partner