Google Analytics and Data Services

why analytics?

A website is often the most costly and most vital element of a modern business’s marketing. A well organized website analytics configuration lets you see how users experience and interact with your site and its content. It also allows you to research and analyze your target market, your unexpected markets and their interactions with your website.

What you think about your audience and what you can know about your audience can be two vastly different and divergent things.

Analytics provides detailed user metrics including total time spent on site, pages viewed per visit, first time vs. repeat visitors, and demographics. From device and platforms (desktop or mobile) to geography and user insights (Canadians who like travel), analytics helps to define and details otherwise invisible site visitors. All this data will give you insight on user behaviour, website performance, and can identify potential obstacles to sales and conversion.

If you only see the customers who contact and purchase from your business, you’re missing those who may be easy to convert into customers and repeat visitors.

analytics and data services

There are two ways to gather information on your website - Google Analytics Tracking and Google Tag Manager (GTM). Once we’ve determined which is best for you, I’ll assess what we should be tracking and reporting on, determine required conversion tracking, funnel analysis, ad marketing ROI, and setup for any custom reporting or actions tracking. The payoff with digital analytics is not so much in creation of reports but in report configuration and interpretation. To gain real value from the nearly limitless website metrics and measures, you need a precise set of questions to answer.



Feel completely confident making important decisions based on your data. No more expensive guessing.

Analytics and tag manager Setup

One of the key elements of data is it’s collection - collecting it from the start is easier then trying to do so retroactively. Whether it’s a code install, goal setups or some training on analytics usage, data is foundation of good marketing.

Data Audits

Organize and visualize data for use by leadership teams, marketing departments or just to get a sense of the past years trend. Especially useful before undertaking a major site update or new build, you’ll receive a report that will help you immediately improve your insights and take action on your data.


Your website and web traffic are constantly changing and so should your Google Analytics insights. What you think about your audience and what you can know about your audience can be two vastly different and divergent things. Monthly, quarterly or annual reporting is key to getting the most out of your site analytics.

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