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What is PPC?

Often called Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements that appear on search engine results pages (Search Ads) or in ad placements across the web (Display Ads). 

Search Engine Marketing’s greatest opportunity is that it places advertiser ads in front of motivated customers, who've indicated they're looking for a product or service, at the precise moment they’re looking for a solution.


Google handles over 60% of the web searches in North America.

Google Ads is the simplest way to ensure that you're top of page in search results and with the help of an AdWords Partner (that's me) you can optimize spend, drive quality traffic to your site and be sure that people searching for your business or services are seeing your name first. 

With no minimum spend and controlled budgeting, Ads is an easy way to boost a new business website, promote a new service or simply ensure that when your target audience uses Google to search, you appear first. From restaurants and storefronts to hotels and hair salons, everyone can benefit from pay-per-click (PPC) advertisin


SEM Search Ads

Work with a certified Google Ads manager

Search ads are not one size fits all. Successful campaigns can spend as little $50/mth and benefit small businesses by simply ensuring that they appear at the top of search for a very specific audience. Bigger businesses with larger markets can spend thousands per month, with the benefit of track-able traffic flow to their website. With proper Analytics tracking in place it’s possible to very accurately track acquisition costs - ecommerce site’s can be setup to provide tight ROI controls when linked to sales values.

I set-up, manage, and optimize Google Ads campaigns.

Search + Display Ads

Appear in search and for in-market audiences with ads on the Google network. You only pay for clicks to your site, budgets are easily limited and can be paused at any time. New clients are eligible for a $150 ad credit in the first 3mths of Ads use.

ADS Management

I’ve optimize a lot of ad accounts and move them from overspend to return on investment. New users to pay-per-click often make the same mistakes: too many keywords, too few ad groups and ads, and not using features like extensions, conversions tracking, and retargeting.

Google Ads Training

Often times businesses like to keep their marketing in-house. Whether it’s training an Ads newbie on setup or providing insight for optimization and improvement, I love teaching people about SEM.

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