Google Adwords

As a certified Google Adwords Partner, I love building active, successful traffic flows and helping organizations get the search recognition that makes their websites a success.

Google Ads is the simplest way to ensure that you're top of page in search results and with the help of an AdWords Partner (that's me) you can optimize spend, drive quality traffic to your site and be sure that people searching for your business or services are seeing your name first. 

With no minimum spend and controlled budgeting, Ads is an easy way to boost a new business website, promote a new service or simply ensure that when your target audience uses Google to search, you appear first. From restaurants and storefronts to hotels and hair salons, everyone can benefit from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Getting started with Google Adwords is easy.
You'll need a group of keywords that apply to your business, a page on your website that's most relevant to those terms (it might be your homepage, or a services landing page), a handful of short ads that promote your business and a credit card for billing. 

Ongoing management for maximum impact.
While setup is straightforward, growing and maintaining your Ads can prove challenging. To ensure that you're getting the best traffic for an affordable cost-per-click (CPC), there's a need to assess and update your account, based on the data it provides. A Google Ads Manager is the ideal way to ensure that your account is capturing proper traffic, with appropriate budgets, goal benchmarks for ROI and analytics tracking. 

Google Ads is a paid avenue for immediate search results in a short time period. 

Existing companies and organizations can:
+ Appear top of search while SEO improvement work happens on your site.
+ Advertise new services, locations or offerings as they launch.
+ Reach new audiences and markets with specials and offers.

New companies and organizations can:
+ Promote a new website at the top of search pages while it is still being integrated into Google's organic search crawl.

I love building active, successful traffic flows and helping organizations get the search recognition that makes their websites a success. Whether building from scratch or managing an existing account, affordable and quality traffic to a site is always my goal. While I personally love to spend time understanding and improving accounts, not everyone enjoys it like I do - so I offer both Ads management services and training, where I'll support a new setup and several months of review while educating a client about the finer points of the s platform. 

For more information or to setup an account visit the Google Ads portal

Are you a registered non-profit?

Google Grants gives $10,000 USD of in-kind search advertising every month (that's a potential $120,000 a year!) to non-profit charitable organizations in Canada. There's more information about that here.