Villa Eyrie Resort Adwords & SEO
2017 Case Study

When the Villa Eyrie Resort opened in 2016, it began the process of establishing itself as a luxury retreat just outside the busy downtown core of Victoria, B.C. As a new web presence, the hotel faced the challenge of gaining visibility in a city with a robust tourism industry and a number of well established hotels, both independent and members of international hotel chains.


Without the name recognition of established hotels, the Villa Eyrie needs to ensure that it was visible in search returns that promoted the resort, the Summit restaurant and on-site Tuscan spa. With a dual audience focus of international tourists and Vancouver Island locals, a robust campaign that highlighted the hotels' unique attractions was needed. Utilizing a full digital strategy of PPC AdWords, technical SEO elements on the website and an ongoing content marketing strategy, the recently launched site was able to quickly rise in ranking to first page and top of page positioning for key terms and competitive search.


Both audiences would be targeted with messaging campaigns in AdWords, Display Ads and paid social media placements. Utilizing the geo-fencing capabilities of Google, Facebook and Instagram, we are able to target appropriate messaging about the resorts extensive amenities, special events and culinary menus. 

The site's SEO was vital to the long term strategy, with goals to stabilize the long term traffic funnel more in favor of organic search and travel site listings. In the short term, a higher percentage of traffic would be PPC while the SEO and content marketing elements were allowed to establish themselves.

Vital to this project was the ability to capture analytics data for each platform, to allow for tracking of ROI using the website's reservation and contact forms. As a trial against conventional media spends (magazine, newspaper and tv placements), the ability to collect user demographics and purchase curve data allowed for a evolving campaign that best targeted the audience.  


The campaigns almost doubled site traffic, improving metrics that included site time, pageviews and bounce rate. Analytics allowed us to track conversions for calls over 60 seconds, resort reservations, restaurant reservations and spa treatment bookings. The site rank for terms associated with local Vancouver Island visitors, North American tourists and intentional travelers steadily climbed as we targeted content to those markets.

Over a 6-month trial period:

Site traffic user numbers increased by 44.57%
 21% increase in unique page views
and 20% increase in time on site
240 unique conversions across hotel, restaurant and spa

115 click-to-call records with a 70% booking rate
Cost per Conversion was targeted and stabilized in the second half of the trial to a 1:5 ROI rate
Site visitor retargeting averaged a CTR of 5-20%, with conversion at 6-10% at costs as low as $10

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.32.00 PM.png

Google Search takeover

Utilizing a Google My Business listing, AdWords and third-party travel sites, Villa Eyrie was able to take over the above fold google search page for a sizable list of keyword terms.

This put Villa Eyrie in competitive placement with long-established competing hotels, restaurants and spas.



Retargeted display ads

Visitors to the Villa Eyrie site were retargeted over 30 days with ads across the Google Display network. Retargeting allowed for a low conversion cost and higher rate of return. 

An effective strategy, as 32% of conversions were completed by retargeted site visitors.