Mediglo Medical Spa Launch
2017 Case Study

When Liz Rogers and Gina Goddard launched Mediglo Spa as licensed medical aestheticians, they wanted to create a place where the best in skincare technology could be used to give patients the ultimate in skin goals. Before opening their Innisfil location, they needed to establish a brand, website, social media profiles and establish the business listing in search. 

The project:

To develop a brand style that reflected Liz and Gina's goals of combining a clinical aesthetic with an organic spa feel. As owners they also wanted to be able to manage much of their advertising and website by themselves, once the initial setup was complete. With those goals in mind - we sourced platforms and solutions to allow them maximum control with minimal need for deep technical knowledge. 

DigitAl sTrategy:

We determined that Mediglo would rely primarily on their own website to provide information and take appointments, so all social media and advertising would direct users to applicable pages on the site. As the owners wanted to be able to update the site themselves and had previously struggled with a Wordpress setup, Squarespace was the obvious choice. With an easy to access client portal, and the potential for future ecommerce and online booking system needs, it was a viable launch and long term solution. 

Three audience groups were identified as a guide for the approach to advertising. Facebook and Instagram accounts would allow the Mediglo team to provide treatment information, education and special promotion posts to an organic follower audience, as well as use targeted ad placements to reach potential clients in the Innisfil area. The site was built with SEO in mind, supported by a Google Business Page and an AdWords account.

Business impact:

In the six months since the spa opened its doors, the website and social media profiles have driven traffic, bookings and organic reach audiences continue to grow. For a small business with a small launch budget, we were able to reach new clients and make MediGlo visible right from the start.

  • Instagram posts reach an average of 150 profiles organically with 10-20 likes

  • Instagram paid promotions are less then $5 - adding an average of 200 impressions and a 2% CTR

  • Facebook Ad targeting is selective, allowing reach of over 4,000 views with an average $30 spend and a $1.36 CPC

  • Google My Business listing is seen by over 400 search users every month, with +30 users visiting the website

  • Google AdWords have a 2.5% CTR, CPC of under $2.00 and are 14% of site traffic

Mediglo Website

squarespace website

Easy to update with a simple, user friendly design, Squarespace was the obvious choice for the owners, who wanted to manage the site themselves. After the initial build, only periodic major updates are required, with the option for later e-commerce and
e-booking integrations.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 4.45.08 PM.png

Google business & AdWords

As the spa's clientele are generally located within a 30km radius of its location, search is a large factor in new client contacts and reaching the Innisfil & Muskoka market. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.31.50 AM.png

facebook & instagram

The spas clients find social media an easy way to stay up-to-date on the spa's services, seasonal specials and the occasional #skingoals educational post. Combined with ads targeting similar demographics, the client list continues to expand.